Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hakin9 - Issue (03/2009) - Review

Thanks to the Hakin9 Team for sending me a copy for review. This issue of Hakin9 comes with a new set of articles on various topics such as Bruteforce, Malware analysis, and Examining malicious PDF documents.

Unless you're just starting off or don't know about bruteforce you can skip the introduction to the article, but the relevance of information is really good in terms of description of various types of attacks. The article talks about the latest technique called GPU cracking.

There's also another interesting article detailing the reverse engineering of digital certificate on Windows. Web security enthusiasts are not left out, with an article covering burp proxy's intruder with examples.

For the system administrators there's some constructive information in the article on defeating AVs. There's additionally the CD that comes along with the magazine features Ad-aware anniversary edition (free) along with a few demo-games such as Portsign, which is a hacker game similar to Uplink from Introversion software.

Apart from these there's the usual book review on "IPv6 Security" from Cisco Press, a section on emerging threats, a few ads spread out through the magazine, and a good interview from Nicholas Percoco, the head of Spiderlabs, Trustwave's research team.