Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Advisory Updates: Q2 2009, and a bit more...

Even though a spectacular hack was pulled off on Imageshack, they've not fixed their bug yet.

The lazy developers behind the Indian Premier League (oh reely??) have not fixed their XSS and SQLi bugs either... In 2009 if you want to see a demo, of a site allowing "delete method" in databases please visit them :))

ZDNet that writes the special 0-day column, apart from regular security ramblings is "yet" to fix their bug, and Dancho danchev, one of the authors from their team is still replying to mail...

Adobe atleast fixed their bug even though it was late, and I applaud their security team / devs for their store.

Electronic arts
and blogarama haven't fixed their bugs just like the others, no I am not surprised

Probably, I'll write the next / final advisory update for this year in 3 to 4 months from now... Keep your eyes open !

Cheers :)

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