Thursday, October 6, 2011

Exploit Pack - Another Open Source Security Framework

Hey y'all,

Exploit Pack is a New Framework by former CORE Security employee (Anibal Sacco), so I am not surprised he uses python for the engine... Core IMPACT uses a similar style. The GUI is Java based though, why oh why do people code in this memory intensive thing called Java, cut me some slack with the platform independence please...

OK, Python is very versatile for coding a framework (eg: Immunity's CANVAS)... but with IMPACT, CANVAS and Metasploit in the fray... especially MSF (has gained enormous feedback + support) which is why Rapid7 bought the framework and paid developers to continue the good work... As a fourth addition, it may or may not make it... but it will certainly be a learning experience for the "new business" entrepreneur.

Interestingly enough, Metasploit has super integrated in to the "security tools" (that we use regularly) and has cemented it's place as de-facto standard for client-side, phishing, churning new sploits, wifi pen testing, web application exploitation, even PBX systems can be attacked and with the new vSploit modules... being introduced, it just keeps getting better and better... CORE pwned MSF simply by integrating the framework itself in to IMPACT's arsenal. Currently IMPACT has over 2500 exploits and counting... :))

If I were to have mad assembly skills and I learnt exploit coding from CORE's internal resource - Gera, I would be coding exploits and selling them to ZDI hands down... Plus, the $2 USD bounty is very miniscule compared to Google, Facebook and other bug bounties :)

Now that I have reasoned out a lot of "cons", here's one big "pro"... When the users read these words "module editor that allows you to create your own custom exploits" (similar to MSF eXploit Builder by Jerome Athias). You can still edit the templates in CANVAS or MSF to do the same thing only in python / ruby respectively. Immunity had a similar plugin called visualsploit to build exploits graphically, but they stopped selling it soon after introducing it... Recently they started giving out VisualSploit with every CANVAS license...

Saw this a couple of days ago on Twitter. Good luck to him, he is talented... but is he business savvy? That's for us to wait and see...

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